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Massivit 3D acceleration to adopting 3D printing in construction

Massivit 3D acceleration to adopting 3D printing in construction

Our partner, Jackys Business solutions, posted this story on how Massivit 3D is helping to accelerate 3D printing in the construction sector. Based on the original story on 3D Printing Media Network, the article highlights how the introduction of 3D printing into the construction industry is changing the sector. According to the original article, 3D printing offers the most advanced and technologically complex, digital manufacturing processes, despite the industry being notoriously slow to introduce change. For these reasons, many see construction as the area with the highest potential for 3D printing innovation. The shift is going to be gradual and any potential adopter will benefit from introducing 3D printing technologies that can significantly enhance traditional construction practices.

By providing cost-effective 3D printing tools, Massivit 3D is enabling innovative construction and restorations. These projects, from statues to capitols and decorations of historical buildings, would not have been cost-effective by either traditional construction methods or direct concrete 3D printing. You can read the full article on 3D Printing Media Network.

In a report released by SGIA recently, the functional printing products currently in the market serve purposes from identification to decoration to the manufacture of parts and products. On average, respondents offer five of the products. Majorities offer industrial decals/labels (71.4%), industrial part marking (66.7%), instrumentations/dials/overlays (57.1%) and medical devices/items (52.4%). In contrast, fewer than one in six offers ceramic tile printing (14.3%), industrial textiles (9.5%) or photovoltaic/solar panels (4.8%).

3D printing, cited by 23.8%, is the top target by far because, as one respondent said, “It is an interesting technology and growing.” If all who want to add the capability do so, the percent of companies offering 3D printing will more than double, from 19.0% to 42.8%.

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