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Acuity Ultra R2

Acuity Ultra R2

The new blueprint for superwide printing

Delivering phenomenal return on investment
The Acuity Ultra R2 is a high-quality, high-productivity superwide platform, available in UV and LED configurations. Engineered with the operator in mind and designed with specialist inks to support the printing of exceptional near-photographic interior graphics and high speed printing for banners and PVC signage, the Acuity Ultra R2 is unique in being able to combine ultra-high quality, superb productivity and a groundbreaking return on investment in one platform.

Key features
„ Native 3.5 picolitre, 3 level greyscale printhead
„ Linear-driven printhead carriage
„ Water-cooled vacuum table
„ Accurate and reliable media transport system
„ 3.2 m and 5 m options
„ UV and LED curing options available
„ Fujifilm Uvijet GS and AU inks
„ Versatile, ultra-high quality 6 channel with white option
„ Highly productive dual CMYK 8 channel model
„ Up to 400 m²/hr
„ 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm media thickness
„ Multi-roll printing
„ Prints on heat-sensitive materials
„ Intuitive GUI

The perfect ratio for profitability

With the ideal ratio of quality, speed and cost-in-use, the Acuity Ultra R2 gives you the power to profit from a huge range of indoor and outdoor applications. Offer better quality. Produce at higher speeds. Drive your business forward with an outstanding superwide machine from a world leader in industrial inkjet technology.

Exceptional quality in superwide format

With the Acuity Ultra R2, you get the excellent high quality, productivity and reliability our Acuity range is known for, on a massive industrial scale – up to 5 metres wide. Industrial printheads with a 3.5 picolitre drop size and specially developed LED UV inks ensure consistent high quality print.


Make an impact in the high-end indoor display market

The Acuity Ultra R2 is not only ideal for out of home applications such as single billboards and signage, it’s also perfect for high-end indoor displays where close viewing requires images to be exceptionally clear and vibrant. With quality comparable to leading water-based inkjet systems, investing in an Acuity Ultra R2 can propel your business into the luxury brand market.

Versatility on a massive scale

With its massive format size, 2- or 3-up multi-roll potential, and ability to print on a broad range of materials, the Acuity Ultra R2 gives you the ability to profitably create exhibition graphics, POS displays, high-value graphic art, backlit displays, outdoor displays, outdoor signage and more. And now with the option of our LED versions, you can offer even more value and versatility to your workflow, based on customer demand.


Fully equipped to enhance productivity

The Acuity Ultra R2 is equipped with advanced features for flexible and productive printing, including: a unique chilled vacuum table to enable printing of thin heat-sensitive substrates; an on-board backlighting feature to enable image quality to be checked during printing; and an automatic nozzle spitting system to maintain consistent print quality.

Easy to use, saving time and money

With features to speed up job set-up times, enable the status of the print to easily be reviewed, through to the day-today maintenance of the machine, the ease of use of the Acuity Ultra R2 is a key contributor to improving your overall print ROI.


Technical specification

Acuity Ultra R2 3200 series 5000 series
Model 3206: CMYK LcLm
3208W: CMYK LcLmWW
5006: CMYK LcLm
5008W: CMYK LcLmWW
Printhead drop volume Greyscale, 3.5 pl – 14 pl
Printing technology Piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet
Resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Inks 3206, 3208W, 5006, 5008W: Uvijet AU series

3244, 5044: Uvijet GS series

Curing system 3206, 3208W, 5006, 5008W: LED

3244, 5044: UV

Maximum throughput 265 m²/hr 400 m2/hr
Maximum media width 3.40 m 5.13 m
Maximum media thickness 2.0 mm 2.0 mm
Minimum media thickness 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Maximum print image width 3.20 m 5.00 m
Media loading capabilities Large rolls: 400kg x 400mm
Multi-rolls: 2 x 200kg x 340mm
Large rolls: 600kg x 400mm
Multi-rolls: 3 x 200kg x 340mm
RIP Caldera, ColorGATE
Hardware interface Ethernet TCP/IP, 1000 base-T
Power requirements 3 phase, 400V AC, 50 Hz, 30A
Power consumption: LED 15kW, UV 21 kW
Compressed air Pressure (minimum): 8 kg/cm² (7.85 bar / 114 psi)
Flow rate (minimum): 1.2 m³/min (1200 l/min / 42.26 cfm)
Environmental conditions Temperature: 18˚C – 28˚C
Humidity: 40% – 80% RH (non-condensing)
Atmospheric dust: ≤0.15 mg/m³
Dimensions (L x W x H)
(excluding workstation)
6.81 m x 1.81 m x 2.04 m 8.5 m x 1.88 m x 2.21 m
Machine weight 4750 kg 7740 kg

Key Features

The Acuity Ultra R2 has a whole host of features to maximise your productivity and quality.

High-quality, high-performance printheads

3-level greyscale printheads deliver 3.5 pl native drop sizes up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, making use of 2,656 nozzles arranged across a width of 108 mm.


High-performance Uvijet GS and AU inks

New, high-density inks deliver superb colour vibrancy and a wide colour gamut. Excellent inter-coat laydown produces solid backlit colours and prints. The inks also do not exhibit cracking when folded due to the low ink build. The new high-density inks are delivered using 3.5 pl printheads, resulting in a very low film thickness and ultra-low ink consumption, resulting in very low cost-in-use and higher profit per print.

Water-cooled vacuum table

A unique chilled vacuum table maintains the substrate temperature while printing and allows the use of thin heat-sensitive substrates, reducing media shrinkage and wrinkling.


Mechanical substrate detector

The Acuity Ultra R2 is equipped with media sensors positioned under the rear media tension rollers. The Acuity Ultra R2 5000 is equipped with 3 sensors. The Acuity Ultra R2 3200 is equipped with 2 sensors.

The media sensors detect when media is loaded onto the machine, and alert the operator if there is a fault with the media loading, for example if a roll of media has run out, or the media is not tight. The sensors use ultrasonic detection technology, and will work for all media, including clear media.


Auto media thickness and position measurement

The Acuity Ultra R2 is equipped with a media detector mounted on the carriage. This is used to determine the position and thickness of the media.

Ink spitting to minimise machine downtime

The Acuity Ultra R2 is fitted with a spit function designed to reduce machine downtime. This maintains the print quality and helps to increase the overall consistency of the printed results.